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I Want YOUR iPhone

Upgrading your iPhone?
Donate your old one & help teach a child with special needs to talk.

The GRACE App for iPhones helps children communicate but they need iPhones
So if you’re upgrading, please think about donating your old iPhone to us Phone Lisa Domican: 0860486249 or email:
If you're not upgrading – think about making a donation on our Mycharity link
For every €200 we raise, we can buy a Brand New iPhone or iTouch for a child with Speech Delay. Want to Help? Contact me for a Poster to put up in your workplace or email to friends.  Give yourself a good feeling when you buy the iPhone Version 4:0
Give your old phone to us and help someone with Autism or Special Educational Needs learn to talk

A party political broadcast from the Hammie Party

I go to the dentist rather a lot. Not because I have bad teeth as I grew up in Melbourne with flouridation and I have marvellously strong and healthy teeth. (that glow in the dark - not really)

But because I lost a tooth in an accident when I was a kid and have spent practically my whole life getting it replaced by different means.

The dentist I have is really nice - but the work isn't very good. I get something done, I eat a sandwich and it breaks. I go back and get it fixed. There is discussion of why it broke that involves what is wrong with me and my mouth and how if I pay a bit more I can get a better solution. So I pay a bit more and I go home and it breaks.

So then I go back, get it fixed again - and then totally change my behaviour to try and ensure it doesn't break again. I now eat Toblerone one piece at a time, with my side and back teeth only.

And at no point do I entertain the idea of complaining or changing dentists; as he is a terribly personable fellow and he …

My TEDx Talk: Imaginable Intelligence; Everyone deserves to be Heard

TEDx Dublin Speakers 2013

Lisa Domican Lisa Domican is a Wicklow based mother of two autistic children. She set up the company Grace App Communication, and developed a simple picture communication app in collaboration with a successful games developer that allows non verbal people with Autism and other disabilities to communicate effectively. In interacting with people with autism, Lisa advocates in ‘the 3 As’: Awareness, Acceptance and making Allowances. She hopes through using these steps people can help reduce the challenges that make having living with autism in a world designed for “normal” people so stressful.

From TV3 Morning Show in 2011