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International m-Learning & Education award for Irish iPhone app

From the Excellent Blog Originally Published as an Ezine on  8/12/2010  Written By Elaine Larkin
An iPhone app developed in Ireland has been awarded a WSA World Summit Mobile Content Award this week in Abu Dhabi.
Lisa Domican, a mother of two children with autism, travelled halfway across the world to collect the award for the Grace App for Autism which was recognised alongside apps like he Guardian, Marks & Spencer and Angry Birds.

Organised by the International Center for New Media (ICNM) in Salzburg, the World Summit Award Mobile is a global initiative within the framework of, and in cooperation with, the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN GAID. The WSA-mobile is the only ICT event worldwide, which reaches the mobile community in over 160 countries and is able to promote the best mobile content and innovative applications out of this huge selection.

Developed by well-known app developer Steve Tro…

Grace App - For Autism. My Youtube video from the U.N. World Summit Awards

Video produced by Stansilav Miller for the World Summit Mobile Awards 2010

So, where have I been? ABU DHABI !!!!

Receiving a World Summit Award - Mobile for m-Learning & Education from Dr Peter Bruck  at the Gala event in Abu Dhabi 6th December 201

My Fellow winners from right to left (I am in the Arab World!) The Team from BBC Janala - Bangladesh, Sophie from Tickle Tap Apps - Canada,   Dr Peter Bruck from WSA with yours truly giving a speech, The Boys from Drona - India who are behind Dr Peter and Shadi from Hesabi (which means "My Math" in Arabic) from our host country, United Arab Emirates.  Rather than competitors my fellow winners turned out to be extremely encouraging and supportive and very very good company for the last 5 days. Thank you WSA for choosing Grace App and giving me the chance to be here.

and now, it's time to come home. xx

Five Powers of Awesomeness for Super Special Parents

Found out that someoneelse is using "Extreme Parenthood" as a theme for Special Needs Parents finding their power. So I'm gonna go back to an old favourite - Using your special powers.

Like all super heroes you have to go through turmoil to find your true awesomeness as a special needs parent. But when you do, you can wear your all in one Lycra jumpsuit with pride.

Here is a summary of how to get there. Ripped off from my own, "12 steps" with abbreviation to 5 in the spirit of my own favourite power - impatience!

I will list my own 5 powers of awesomeness at the end. I want you to comment and add yours.

Step One: Admitting you are powerless

The first, is to admit, to allow yourself to believe that nothing you did caused your child's diagnosis to happen. That you had no power to stop it.
My other take is to do the opposite to step one.
REALISE your own power. Once you get through dealing with the shock and have time to adjust your expectations, you have the …