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Getting to know you

Sorry for the huge lack of original content lately but July and August are like Kryptonite to Creativity for this Mum. I have my beloveds home with me full time now for another 26 days before they go back to school and I can hold a coherent thought in my head for more than 16 seconds.

While glancing over the news from Autism World via Facebook I came across another one of these "Shock Horror - Autistic Person Demonstrates they can Think!" Youtube clips which I always have to say "Der!" to.

I mean, why is it only when the autistic person finds a way to reach the "normals" that those normals can accept that they are fully functional intelligent human beings?

And I couldn't help but wonder.... 
Why aren't these parents learning to understand their children before they exhibit these so-called savant characteristics?
Are they waiting for them to be fixed before they will truly connect?

This isn't a new thought for me. Since working on my Grace App and …

Tales from the World of Extreme Parenting - H is for Holidays


As a mother of two children with severe Autism, I have travelled from Brisbane to Barooga, Dubbo to Dublin and beyond many times in the last 13 years.

At this time of year, some of you might be lucky enough to be planning your summer break - and perhaps dreading it after a negative experience in the past.

However, if you prepare and plan properly, taking into account your child's special needs, then it can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Firstly - don't think you have to stay local. With a strong likelihood of rain for 10 out of the 14 days you have  booked, you may find yourself cooped up in a holiday house with no broadband, no cable tv and the prospect of hanging around the local supermarket for entertainment.

D'amusements do not work for people with high sensory needs, and they are expensive anyway. And Long walks in the rain followed by an Irish Coffee in a local pub are for romantic weekends away. Not a family of 4 with no clothes dryer.

So ta…

32 marathons hit Wicklow on a Sunny Day on Bray Seafront

Mr Hammie, his two lovely sisters Moira and Maeve and a large number of other people were running, jogging and in Moira and Mr Hammie's case, Briskly Walking the 3rd of the 32 Marathons in a very sunny Bray, County Wicklow today.
Maeve, Moira and Uncle Gary came over from the U.K. especially to take part and raise funds for Irish Autism Action, The Irish Cancer Society and local Autism Groups and schools like our own Saplings Rathfarnham. We scooted around them in the Qashqai tooting and waving and after a trip to McDonalds and a quick pitstop at the Bray Amusements to use the loo, we met them on the very windy seafront for the finish.
Maeve jogged it and was in first, so we walked out to meet Aunty Moira and Daddy and Gracie helped them over the final straight:

Nearly at the finish line

A big hug for Daddy

Meeting Aunty Maeve in Pink, Moira in Black and Coach Uncle Gary holding the smokes and other refreshments for the Brave Finishers.
If you want to help top up Maeve and Moira's…