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Beautiful Pictures - From HP Photosmart

This is a review of the HP Photosmart eStation that was loaned to me to try out in my capacity as a "Mom-blogger" - It is my choice to write about it because I like it - if I didn't I would just say nothing! 

So I guess you are wondering, why would someone dedicated to eradicating the printed picture cards that her daughter used to use and replacing them with Apps be asked to test out a printer?
Well the answer is - there is no escaping the needed for printed visual supports in Autism.
Sure an App is super dooper when you are asking someone to tell you what they really like. It is also really handy for helping them to organise a familiar task like getting dressed, even handier when you are giving them token reinforcement, or creating a detailed social story. (These are Grace App,First, Then and the iReward and My Pictures Talk by my fellow moms with apps)

If I can get away with using an App for something I will. But when there is a chance that said schedule is going to be th…

Good Coffee, Wine and Chocolate - The Why of the Social Entrepreneur...

I recently got accepted into the Social Entrepreneurs Social Impact Program  and, as a result I was invited to join the finalists at a Residential Workshop in Louisburgh County Mayo.
I actually wrote: “Good Coffee, Wine and Chocolate” on my "Dietary Requirements" form for the weekend.

And it made me realise why I do what I do.

You see Social Entrepreneurs do not wake up and jump out of bed one day shouting:
“I’m going to be a Social Entrepreneur!” and then start looking for a Social Issue to Entrep about.

Nope, most of them just find themselves noticing or often personally facing a social issue and instead of complaining - they come up with an idea to solve it.
But it is not just an idea - it is usually a niggling itch that just won’t go away until they sit down and come up with a plan and start scratching it.

Well, that was my experience anyway. I’m a fussy person, I like to have what I like in the way I like it - so I particularly identified with my daughter Grace and fr…