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I love a good march I do....

One of the hardest things about Autism is that you can't touch it. You can't put your finger on the one thing that defines it and say - this is Autism.

Instead you spend a lot of time worrying and then feeling guilty for being the one to suspect that there is anything wrong with your child - you feel you are betraying them.

So when you finally get around to seeking out some answers, the last thing you need is an 18 month waiting list for diagnosis.
Or some drongo handing out reasons like "you're just a bad parent"

"Your kids watch too much TV - particularly (and specifically in my case) - Teletubbies!"

"you must have eaten the wrong things, had too many fillings, used the wrong shampoo, had too much wine - while pregnant"
(if I didn't have too much then, I have made up for it now!)

And my favourite (at the moment) is "you do too much Facebook- that causes autism"

Autism is "So Hot Right Now" that it seems everyone has an opi…

Go Go Gadget parenting....

Boo took this photo on my iPhone during one of us unscheduled access visits. (after he ripped my Sony phone in half - I banned him from cellular technology)
It is from the film "Inspector Gadget" with Matthew Broderick; the live action version which sucked as far as I can tell.

I only just discovered it and am fascinated as to why he would photograph the kiss at the end of the film. He is all about Inspector Gadget at the moment (thanks to Disney and those insidious previews that they put on all their films) and we are having some interesting role play involving removing faces, and a lot of "Go Go Gadget Airplane/Parachute/Airbag etc."
He also says "you have to visualise it" meaning, I guess that someone tells Inspector Gadget how to control his gadgets by imagining what he needs.
So I say "Go Go Gadget Parenting"
Make something pop out that will help me to tolerate being bitten (hard) and being screamed at, just for resisting stereotypical "a…

Spread the Word to End the Word

I know some bloggers are going to talk about "political correctness gone mad" and say that if you respect people you can use whatever words you want.

Bullshit. If you know a word hurts, don't fecking use it.

I recently got my first Mac....

And it won't print.

Good Naked, Bad Naked, and this one is really big.

We are certainly not in Kansas anymore in this household.

Had to go into school today to approve a new program Boo is starting on Health and Hygiene which includes knowing which parts are supposed to stay inside the pants and when it is okay for hands to follow them down there - and other stories.

There is a brilliant work book that the school have researched which had sections for me to fill in on what we call things (we decided on Penis and Wiener) and what rooms it is okay to be naked in (Bathroom, Change room and Bedroom) and where and when it is okay to touch things.

This is very important as Boo is a "sock" boy as my Australian brothers in law call it and he will have to learn how to wash himself properly, at some point. I have always instructed him to wash his own bits, modelling where necessary, but found myself at a loss when it came to well, showing how to wash "under the sock".

I tried cutting up a surgical glove to fashion a foreskin that I peeled back ove…


Boo in Delgany Wood
As you can see, he has 2 shoes on his feet and is within range of his Mummy so the walks did improve by last Thursday. By the weekend the storm seems to have passed metaphorically as the behaviour settled, I got a lot more sleep and as you know, we even had time for a few laughs. Someone who didn't know that Boo and I were getting along much better is my dear friend "Mrs Doyle" (so called because she loves tea and won't let anyone else pay for anything) was driving out to Greystones.  Armed with a card and a very generous gift voucher for a local restaurant to give me and Mr Hammie a night out, she discreetly slipped this through the letter box as Boo and I were dancing away and disappeared into the night. This woman really is platinum level generous and thoughtful and I have to say - Amazingly gorgeous. And did I say she has 3 kids, one of which has autism and she works full time?
Thanks Mrs Doyle, I really don't deserve a friend like you - but I…