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How can you tell me where it hurts? Part II

Go Here if you missed Part I

My Bratty was in the dental ward in the hospital yesterday, having what we hope will be the last 2 extractions under General Anaesthetic that she has to go through.

Due to problems with her babyteeth, her second teeth have come in a bit crowded and they had to make space.

But the Dental Surgeon said that all the others were perfect and we were doing a great job.

That was not the case 5 years ago.

On that visit she had 7 extractions under G.A. and we had obviously not done "a good job."

Poor Bratty had a bad diet, oral defensiveness and decay in her baby teeth that had obviously been painful.

But at the time I didn't know. When it was discovered and I made the necessary changes to her oral hygiene routine and lifestyle - (I was the worlds least popular mummy at the time) - I swore I would find a way to teach her to: "tell me where it hurts"

This is really hard because you are teaching someone to Comment on something Abstract.


Don't Send me your Angels, all my Angels are on Earth

I did a public speaking engagement recently (I know, GAH!) and while I was planning it out in my head I was thinking of what might encapsulate my personal philosophy, as a mission statement.

I didn't have to look far to find it.

This is my Facebook Avatar at the moment. My favourite lady from my first style icons. 

And this teeny lady I wear around my neck.
Created by Wendy Brandes - Blogger, Jeweller to the stars and general Sass Arse.

Sold to help another blogger in need. As Wendy put it: "Janet of Je Ne Sais Quoi suffered a tragic loss when her husband took his own life. Janet has two young children"

Now most people make the sympathetic noises when they hear such a thing. They might even say "He will be in my prayers" or "I'm so sorry for your loss"

But prayers don't pay rent or feed children. Angels don't sort through personal effects and help you list them on ebay to help pay your school fees. They don't support the basics while a…

How can I tell you where it hurts, when I can't talk?

When Liam was small and we didn't yet know he had autism he used to get rampant tonsilitius.
I would take him to the Doctor, get the antibiotics and then fail hopelessly at getting Liam to take them (because he was so sensitive to taste and smell) so bacteria being who they are would then build themselves up and mutate into something even stronger and more painful.

Even with this septic mess of a throat, Liam would continue to run around and play until suddenly he would go  pale and listless.
I would take him back to the Doctor only to see him CRINGE as he examined the tonsils and say

"They are VERY infected" then look at me like I was the worst mother in the world, write a new prescription and say firmly "complete the course" as if I was too busy smokin, drinking cider and playing the slots to ensure that my son took his medicine.

Eventually after many flare ups and visits and hiding of medicines in food (a bad idea) and asking if they could be administered …

hammiesays would like to thank the academy....

We have been nominated in several catagories in the Irish Blog Awards;

At the rate I have been blogging lately I feel it would be best to celebrate the nomination and thank firstly Mulley for making the awards happen, along with connecting me and so many others with other bloggers and networkers.

I am pretty sure I read about The iPhone Wizard on Mulley's Fluffy Links so thank you dearly.

I would also like to thank the Sponsors of each catagory I have been nomm'ed in:

IQ Content for "Best Specialist Blog"

Microsoft Ireland for "Best Personal Blog"


Kro IT Solutions for "Best Blog Post" - for "One Bite of the Cookie" (thanks Petunia)

There are several absolute must reads in each of those catagories, so I'm just going to get the dress, the hair and enjoy the party in the Radisson Blue in Galway on March 27th.

And practice my "you didn't win" smile happily.

Thankyou to whomever nominated me, and all the very best to the l…