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A much better day

Okay so it is a sappy "here comes the joke" multi-plex movie but it's got Morgan Freeman as God, Wanda Sykes, The Mum from The Gilmore Girls and it doesn't stoop to making fun of minority groups to get cheap laughs. So when "Evan Almighty" is on Sky Movies we watch it together for free.
And at the end, Boo and I do "The Dance" together. And Boo Does the moves.

I will tell you 3 facts about me:
1. I have small but perfectly formed ears
2. I have excellent feet
3, I Can Dance

Have a great weekend!

Women falls off the Edge

Well it finally happened.
I got stopped today and cautioned for Road Rage.
I also got cautioned for driving a Micra in the "Over taking Lane" as the young Garda told me it is called and told that it was to be points and an €80 fine next time.
It wasn't actually a marked police car so don't think I am that stupid, but an unmarked grey Mondeo that was behind me a bit on the M50 motorway even though I was doing at least the speed limit. (maybe hovering just above, sorry)
They flashed the lights and I moved over into what I used to call the slow-lane and then gave them my usual pinkie wave as they passed. And then I saw that there were about 7 aerials on the roof of the car and both occupants were wearing blue uniforms. OH CRAP.
They slowed down, got behind me and flashed me again, this time with the special lights that say "pull over you stupid girl, you have really messed up this time'
He came over and lectured me about the pinkie wave, then the lesson about what th…

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of the House of Boo (who currently rules our lives)

7.20 - 7.30: wake up, say good morning to sleepy children while I still love them. Go to Bathroom, Make coffee, Really wake up, make lunches, pack lunch boxes into school bags and put them in the hallway.
8.00 - 8.30: Kiss children again, still sleepy. Get selfbathroomed, washed and dressed.
8.30: Approach Boo again and say Good Morning; this time pull back covers a bit. 
Prepare clothes for Bratty and go into her bedroom to dress her, while she is still sleepy and cooperative. Get her socks on her and get her mobile. She goes down stairs.
8.45: Approach Boo again, this time trying to get him to take off his pyjamas, put on his clothes and come downstairs.
9.00 am: Boo is still under the covers, has removed all clothes that I have managed to put on him. 
9.15 am After various threats about televisions and computers Boo has acquiesced to putting on some clothes but has now decided to arrange for what DVDs he wants t…

Another day in paradise

Things have been incredibly tough here at chateau Hammie, Boo is going off scale in his willfulness and last night I didn't sleep more than an hour at a time.

He woke up and stayed wide awake from 2am and continually came into our room asking for Dvds to be wiped, the player to be fixed and countless other stuff that I can't seperate from my dreams, but which culminated in a DVD player being washed.
Now that won't be playing anything again. Last week it was his TV/VCR unit that had a drink of apple juice. Ah feck it!

There is a lot of independence related stuff, so perhaps it is typical adolescence. He wants to do everything for himself and can't because of his autism. Who knows?

Part of me wants to write about it and show you the pictures of ripped apart phones and broken plates because I think it might make other parents feel less alone. But the other part doesn't want to give more fodder to this crazy bintwho already thinks our lives are barely worth living.

Truth is…

what I do:

For the last 5 years I have campaigned for Applied Behavioural Analysis to be available as needed in Ireland, while running a home ABA program for my two kids.
Almost 12 months ago, they were accepted into a full time ABA school and I suddenly had a bit of head space - but still enough energy; so I started to work for Irish Autism Action part time.
My first job was "The Affinity", a chance for all IAA groups to connect with our long term sponsors - O2, and raise much needed funds.  For the month of October, existing and new o2 customers could text the word "autism" to 50308 and from that point o2 would donate 5% of their call costs directly to community based autism groups which were members of the IAA.
It was my job to communicate this to the groups and ensure that they spread the word and get as many people to text and join as possible.  As a new parent in a full service ABA school, I could see the enormous advantage of the Affinity because we too have to fundra…

Family Day to Remember

Those of you that read this blog regularly (and thankyou to all 3 of you) know that I am a bit camera shy. Total stage mom when it comes to exploiting my children's beautiful faces but not so happy for me to appear.

Truth is I hate having my photo taken because I quite factually know I am going to look manic (at best) or about a thousand years old. (at worst)
This is not false modesty, it is a fact. Just ask anyone who has tried to take my photo with a digital camera. There is always a lot of looking into the view window and "oh" noises as they try to find a decent shot.
So imagine how delighted I was (NOT) when Mr Hammie answered the door to a fellow offering family portraits and agreed to book a session in the new year.

I could see where he was coming from, we have never had a formal family photograph taken.

(well, one that didn't involve me annoying a high ranking member of the government and a freelance photographer working for the national press)

My family have als…

The Firestorm

Like a lot of you I am still feeling very sad when ever I hear the news on the radio. I have tried to imagine it what it was like for the special families who fled or didn't on Saturday 7th. - on the irishautism blog.

Many of my fellow aussie and fashion bloggers have posted on this so please check out Imelda, Super Kawaii Mama and Trish Hunter Finds.

Here, we were complaining about the snow. I had to collect the kids at lunchtime on Thursday as the school is on high ground and the snow was falling hard.

I might not have got the car in if I waited until hometime so, with the usual 30 minute drive taking well over an hour each way on the main, gritted roads, I got about an hour of work done all day.

On Sunday we didn't go out at all as even Greystones was snowed in. We were safe and warm and there was food enough in the fridge. Lucky us having the choice.

The people who died on Saturday didnt have that choice. Some died trying to escape. Many died in their homes having no warning a…


I am creating a unique wait card for theiPhone Grace app.
It's for when your child requests an item that they can have, but they have to wait for it. You put it at the end of the sentence that they have presented. You also print off a copy to keep in their picture exchange book to give to them during table top tasks that require waiting.
Purple is the one used in theGood School, Amber is based on traffic lights and a clock was suggested by one of my Facebook friend-mums. I like that one because there is a timer on the phone that our tutors have been using with the kids as it is big and visual.
What do you think?

Blog love -long overdue

It's Saturday night and I am enjoying a glass of Australian - Murray River Shiraz and reading blogs for pleasure, as you do. I blog for work now over on irishautism and while I feel incredibly privileged to be paid to blog; reading other blogs connected to autism or not-for-profit-marketing, can feel a little bit like Research. It's like having to read wine magazines and articles when you work in that industry or the financial times if you are a stock-broker, ahem.So on Saturday night it is lovely to sit down with the ole lappie and scan through all my favourite fashion and thinking blogs and just enjoy the pretty cleverness.To this end I am going to pass on the above award which was given to me by the wise, good and beautiful Seeker, many many moons ago (sorry to be so tardy my darling.) Seeker is an exotic bird in a flock of little brown wrens and grey sparrows. I imagine she charms and delights her co-workers every morning as she arrives in to work in her fine feathers. And…

Boo Update

Boo at the Glenview Leisure Club Pool So, what am I up to with the new "behaviour" curve we took before Christmas? After consulting with my big sister, a mother of a teenage boy; I realised the need for a lot more exercise for my growing boy. Der! you say. Apparently it is well documented that adolescent boys need regular exercise or they start to exhibit aggression. And in the dark afternoons of December we lost the habit. When I was 11 I lived in the country so for exercise I would: Ride my horse, ride my bike, play complicated chasing games involving boys taking my hat and putting it up a tree, (what was that about?) climbing trees to get my hat back (I'm an excellent climber) forming gangs and making huts, raiding and eventually knocking down other gang's huts while simultaneously trying to defend ours; and, since it was 1980; disco dancing. Seriously - imagine a darkened century old school hall with colored cellophane over a few lights and a p.a system playing &quo…

Political Animals Part III or My Naivety and how it helps me -

So, yeah, the whole going back to work thing has been pretty funny and I am learning some things about myself that I didn't fully understand last time.

I don't know if you understand Aspergers Syndrome - a form of autism; but one of the aspects of it is the tendency to take things literally and therefore not understand turns of phrase.

There is a joke that explains this tendency

Q: How do you diagnose Aspergers in a typical classroom setting?
A: Go into the classroom and give the kids a stern lecture finishing with
"and you will all have to pull your socks up"
-then count the number of kids with their heads under the desk adjusting their socks -you have your Aspies.

(told that at a Psychology Conference once- how they roared!)

Since having my kids and doing a lot of reading about autism I have recognised my own aspie tendencies (and hyperactivity/obsessiveness) but it is only since I have gone back to work that it has really given me cause to think. Because I genuinely canno…