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It Gets Better

While I realise that the above title may have lead you to think that this was a post about another kind of "diversity" - the  "It Gets Better" I'm talking about is my journey with Autism and my teenage son, and how it has got a whole lot better.

How did we do it? While it would be tempting to give credit to one thing (and then write a best selling book about it)  it is best to remember the science and take into account that:

Correlation does not imply causationI did not do one thing at a time, I did not run a placebo group and I had a number of variables over which I had no control. We did change 3 things which together seem to have worked.
 *knocks on wood*
1. Environment: 

As I have previously described, we got Liam's bed out of the open attic space and into a big room with a door that can be locked. He has his computer, an old tv and a vcr in there and his video collection. He can do all the things a teen needs to do including play with his iPad, iPhone a…