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Guest Post - Professional Apraxia-EZ app review

I'm sure it seems a little hard core to be posting a product review on New Year's Eve, so let me explain; Like many people, I like to think about what the new year might hold, and what I can resolve to do to make things happen. 
I don't smoke, I'm not too bothered about diet because at my age I find if I don't eat the right things, my body quickly tells me to cop on - and the regular visits of the wine fairy will be addressed later in January.

What I do resolve to do is get a bit more of a handle on Gracie's vocal approximations. When typical children learn to speak they move through the sounds like Bababaaba, Dadadaddda, and there is a natural progression as the baby talk eventually turns into speech.

Gracie did not say any babble and as you know, did not produce a recognisable word until she was six so her mouth did not "learn" to make each core sound.
She had little or no clinical therapy for many years, and access to a speech and language pathologist

Happy Happy to you!

This year, Gracie is saying "Happy" when prompted to give a seasonal greeting.
So Happy Happy to all my friends and supporters. It has been a huge year for me and my company.  A lot of hard graft but also a lot of lovely feedback and that is what keeps me going on the difficult days.

My lovely Gracie is doing great at the moment, lots of unique requests* and interaction. Lots of giggles and fun so we have nothing to complain about.
Liam has made a huge list of DVD box sets that he wants. Like everyone, Santa was a little bit short of cash this year but he managed to find a few of them and a few surprises too.

To make it easier on parents, Santa, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents or really cool supportive friends who want to help you get the gift of independent communication, you can now get Grace App for €20 or $25 which is the average value of an iTunes Gift Card, for the next few days.
Even if you don't have a device yet, you can download the app on your iTunes account an…

Salutations of the Season

Liam made this lovely picture a few years ago, inspired by an episode of "Bear in the Big Blue House" or "Arthur." Note: the Colombia Tristar™ inspired winged horse pulling a carriage. Last time we were in Ballarat he had my sister find him a Menorah in an antique store. And my sister was delighted to find a lovely neon blue Krishna light that she plugged in on the deck to add to our ecumenical holidays that year.

So whatever you celebrate, I want to wish you a wonderful season. And please, if you have any trouble sorting out your priorities with regard to obligations, always put your immediate family first. You will never have cause to regret the time you spend with your kids doing what they like, whatever that is.


Beautiful Boy 11/12/1997

It is my Liam's Birthday as of 5 am on 11th December. 

Still as beautiful to me as he was when I first held him in my arms 14 years ago.

And at the noodle market last weekend.

PS. It's also The Grace App Wizard's 23rd Birthday today. Go and wish him a Happy Birthday here

My Grace App on iPad2

Here's a lovely new video made by Grace App Developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

For your interest, it explains how a person might request a particular DVD featuring our favourite little red monster, ask for help with choosing a chapter, request a snack, and a particular drink all using the features built in to the App. In essence the idea is to explain how Grace App gets you whatever you want.


You (used) to have mail

Just watched "You've got mail" with the previously quite adorable Meg Ryan and always loveable (to women at least) Tom Hanks. (why do men HATE Tom Hanks so much?!?)

So it got me to thinking about all the things that have changed since this supposedly era defining film was released.

* Big super store putting small personal but obviously much more expensive shop out of business.

Ok. This happens. It happened when we were all rich but we wanted more stock and we wanted more STUFF like coffee and muffins AND books at the same time. It also happens in small villages where a big shopping centre with a roof and free parking opens up out of town and suddenly your rainy parking officer infested main street becomes a pain in the butt. Then it becomes a dog shit footpathed, pound shop & thrift store boarded up wasteland.
However, when was the last time you went into Easons/Borders/Angus&Robertson to ask if your favourite author had anything new, and was told "no, but …