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Retiring for a while...

I have just passed the Irish Autism Action Baton on to the lovely Jen from The King and Eye

This is what I plan to be doing for the next few months...

Not Really, I am planning to be back here a bit more while spending a lot more time as a primary caregiver to Boo and Bratty, and preparing to focus on The Grace App.

Oh and our Mr Hammie will be running briskly walking a half marathon this Sunday 4th July along with my Sisters in Law in Number 3 of the 32 Marathons for Irish Autism Action and The Irish Cancer Society.
If you want to cheer him on he will be on Bray Seafront near The Martello Hotel from 10am. If you don't want to get out of bed but would like to help The Worlds Worst Fundraiser - here is his poorly subscribed MyCharity Link. Thanks to everyone who has already thrown in a few bob.

To sponsor my sister-in-law Maeve who lives in the U.K but is coming over especially with her husband Gary to do the run go to her much healthier Mycharity Link .

Thank you all for your mess…


My dear Auntie Glen passed away on Sunday 6th June after the second of two long battles with cancer.
It's not a cliche to say she was my inspiration. Hard working, naturally beautiful but also perfectly groomed and fashionably turned out at all times. Well read, intelligent, interesting and open minded, she taught me it was okay to be me from an early age - when being me wasn´t always being encouraged elsewhere.
Yep, she was as neurotic as the day is long and kind of fragile at times. Nobody can hold up the whole world on their own all the time. She was also very openly affectionate. Auntie Glen made you feel loved when you were hugged. And I loved to hug those bony shoulders and that bumpy chest.

She was a true light in my life. And I miss her so much.

When you live on the other side of the world from so many of the people that you love, you learn to take comfort in the fact that they are just "there" ready to be seen whenever you can get back to see them.
Or "th…