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Steve's Got a Golden Ticket

Grace App Developer and all round iWizard Steve Troughton-Smith caught a bus up to Belfast last night, to queue overnight for the new iPhone 5:

Yep, that's a line of people snaking around the gallery level of a shopping centre waiting for the shop to open.

He got his "Golden" (okay white) ticket, And he got his iPhone 5, one of the first on the island of Ireland.

Cahir was also on a bus in the North this morning, off to Little Angels School, in Letterkenny.

Where he was perfectly happy with his iPhone 3Gs
I will let Cahir's Mammy tell you why:
You may wonder what use is a iPhone to a child with special needs? One that is only 5 years old, who doesn’t speak and relies on other people for all of his daily tasks from washing to dressing to choosing what to eat and when to eat it. Well that was my son Cahir last January.
I chose what Cahir ate, when he ate, what he played with, what he liked and didn’t like.  Cahir has Autism and is non-verbal. He has never spoken so I used t…

Behaviour Boy

Remember *this* post from 2009?

Good Naked, Bad Naked, and this one is really big. 

We are certainly not in Kansas anymore in this household. Had to go into school today to approve a new program Boo is starting on Health and Hygiene which includes knowing which parts are supposed to stay inside the pants and when it is okay for hands to follow them down there - and other stories. 
There is a brilliant work book that the school have researched which had sections for me to fill in on what we call things (we decided on Penis and Wiener) and what rooms it is okay to be naked in (Bathroom, Change room and Bedroom) and where and when it is okay to touch things.

.........The other discussion I had with my big Sis was how to explain where modesty is appropriate, without creating a lot of unnecessary guilt or shame......

"Sis just said to tell him his "Big Penis" Belongs in the Bedroom. End of Story"

 Um No, that was not the end of the story. This was cute little Liam …