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Big Scary Love

It's almost the end of January which means it is only 2 weeks until Valentine's Day or as my niece Daisy calls it: "Valloween" 

What is Valloween you may ask? Well let me explain:

Raising children is scary, any children not just those with special needs like mine. You love them so much and do everything you can to protect them but at some point they have go out and experience the world. And that is scary. When your kids do have additional needs that can make them more vulnerable, it is extra scary.

With Special Kids, you can also find yourself advocating, negotiating and yes, sometimes defending them in situations with people who don't really understand. A fellow special parent told me she had heard us described as "Mafia Mums" by a professional who works with her son.

It was meant as a pejorative but I liked it; I don't mind if I'm feared as long as I'm respected. When it comes to my kids: 
Don't mess with me or there will be consequen…

Why we need to keep sharing our snapshots of the "Good Days"

I read a popular 'Mom-blog' last week that suggested "We need to quit telling lies on Facebook" because sharing our best moments makes other parents feel like failures.

According to the author Sarah-Emily-Tutte-Singer, when she uses Facebook or Instagram she gives "everything a hipstacular filter to make the drudgery look interesting. Most of the time, I think I’m a decent mom, and I think I’m giving my kids a pretty good life. But I also think I’d be a better mom if I stopped pretending, and making friends on Facebook feel like they have to pretend as well."

Well, Emily, I'm here to disagree. The human brain is far too good at remembering the bad stuff. I have an entire mental showreel of the (quite literally) shitty things that can happen while parenting. I do not need to instagram the little painting that Gracie did on the bathroom wall last night. Or tweet the details of the 5 minute anxiety tantrum that Liam has when he comes in from school every …