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Love and Communication

In all relationships, communication is crucial. How often have we heard one half of a couple say:

"My partner doesn't understand me"
Communication barriers can lead to breakdown and even separation - not something we want to ponder on this supposed day of love.

Well just imagine if you couldn't talk at all. Then imagine that the people who love you have been advised NOT to give you a means to communicate, such as a picture exchange system or an App because some misguided professional had said that they should wait and "let the words come"?

There you are, unable to follow what people are saying and unable to imitate words in a way that people will understand and respond to

And they want to prevent you from accessing alternative communication? (AAC*)

or you are using AAC in the way that suits you, (pointing at pictures or typing words) and they want to keep drilling you on superfluous grammar or word production or forcing you to comment on things you are not …