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Pictures and Words

Last weekend as you may have read here I was at The Autism Show in London.
It was a big deal; my first trade show as a Snumpreneur (Special needs Mum Entrepreneur) and I paid for it all out of my savings. I also schlepped 2 suitcases of display gear across London from Heathrow to the ExCel Exhibition Centre in Docklands on The Tube and DLR. which meant 3 changes from West to East.

 And when I got to the Exhibition Centre my stand looked like this:

That is the two suitcases that I dragged on and off the tubes and up and down lifts as I changed from the Piccadilly to Jubilee line and then on to the DLR.
Thanks to some wonderful help from my friends on Twitter, like @nmcgivney @GreenClouds4 @ian_kenefick of Millitech Digital - I had a very professional looking "roll up" poster with photo provided by The Ireland Funds photographer Aengus McMahon.
Having spent every spare cent on the Stand hire, accommodation and transport costs it made a huge difference t…

Are you Going to the autism show? ExCel London 24-25 June

I will be there in all my Smumpreneur glory - (Special Needs Mum-Entreprenuer) on Stand D5 in the "Communication Matters" Zone.
Entry is only £12 (cheaper if you book in advance)
There are a lot of safe, fun activities to do WITH your autistic kids - and the fun starts on the Docklands Light Railway - on the Friday at least.

If you are a member of the National Autistic Society you probably know about this already - So please share it with all your friends in the U.K and tell them to come and meet me. I'd love you to link to me in your blogs, facebooks and tweets as much as possible too. This is a really big deal for me to be showing at a major Trade Show for the first time, and I want to meet as many people as possible to spread the word about Grace App.

Hope to see you there, Love Lisa xx