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What is Autism? from my point of view.....

I am not a psychologist or behavioural specialist or a Psychiatrist.
(I'm not Elmo either but he is here for a reason)

So, I am not going to talk about the triad of impairments or assessment scales etc etc.

What I can tell you is that Autism is a sensory disability in which everything a person sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells is distorted.

They may see every strand of hair on your head individually with more detail than a dandruff commercial, hence the need to push your hair off your face.

They may taste food in individual components that make the slightest change to the recipe seem like an entirely different food.

Touch can be too light to feel or too intense to bear, or both!

And sound most unfortunately can be very distorted, either because they hear everything and cannot tune in to what’s important, ie. your voice, or because they only hear the higher sounds or the lower sounds that are in their environment.

There are a myriad of variations on these “Unders and Overs” a…

Irish iPhone App for Autism to be honoured with United Nations World Summit – Mobile Award for e-Learning and Education

Irish iPhone app “Grace App”, conceived and created by Lisa Domican, a mother of two children with autism, and developed by Steve Troughton-Smith ; with the support of O2 Telefonica, will be awarded the United Nations World Summit – Mobile Award for e-Learning and Education. Grace App chosen was chosen by a jury from the best mobile contents and applications out of over 400 nominations from nearly 100 countries.
The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-Mobile) is a global initiative to select and promote the world’s best in mobile content and innovative applications within the frame work of the United Nations.
The Grand Jury of 20 internationally recognized experts selected the global winners from over 400 nominations from nearly 100 countries.
“The Jury members hail from all continents and they worked to award visible great m-content, no matter whether it originated from,” explains WSA Chairman Prof. Peter A.Bruck. “The World Summit Awards therefore represent what is top on the global plane…