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Who's afraid of the Social Media Wolf? (not me)

A first draft of this post appeared as a "Column" in Irish Online publication "The" yesterday. It was written in response to a small furore that has been going on in Ireland about negative comments appearing on Twitter and Facebook (read ithere)

While I am as appalled as anyone by someone deciding to harm themselves as a result of online bullying - I think there is a huge difference between harassing a private individual through a forum that is actively used by their peers; and making fun of a politician.

Coming from Australia - where the greatest gift of one of my favouriteex-Prime Ministerswas to eloquently insult the opposition in the parliamentary chamber; I guess I think that politicians need to toughen up.

But insidious online bullying of an individual by their peers, that I object to. However, rather than scaring the hell out of people, let me demonstrate how the Big Bad Social Media Wolf - can actually support us through mental strife, if we are pre…