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Guest post from Ethan, Eli and Jodi: Autism's other half.

My Facebook friend Jodi has contributed another post this year but this time her boys have written it themselves in words and pictures. People often describe autism as isolating; but isn't that more to do with society? Eli and Ethan seem to be wonderful companions who complement each other. I know that life isn't always easy when you have kids who are expected to fit in with the mainstream, but I think these boys probably find a haven at the end of each tough conforming school day, with their own brother. Enjoy. 

A word from Jodi:  "At 7 and 8 years old, my boys are now old enough to share their thoughts about being autistic...and we are excited to be able to do this as part of LisaMaree's focus on autism acceptance. To our family, autism acceptance is incredibly important and we like to talk about how it is pretty cool to be autistic.

A bit of background to set the scene: Ethan and Eli are born 21 months apart....they are close in age and are close friends! Ethan is now…

Getting to know Cahir

I have been getting to know Cahir this month, via his Mum’s facebook page. I will let her introduce him: 

"Cahir is 7 years old he is non-verbal and has Autism. Cahir has no danger awareness and for 7 years we have lived in the world of Autism.  If Cahir spends one minute in the care of another person he comes with an information leaflet of do’s and don’ts:

Cahir can have these crisps, Cahir can have chicken, Cahir can’t have milk or dairy, Cahir can’t be left in a room unattended, don’t let him near water...

 My family and close friends all know Cahir’s Autism. 

You find that that’s all anyone knows about Cahir including me is what we can’t let him do.

Most days all I ever do is get through the day making sure the doors are locked and keeping him safe hoping when we put him to bed for the night that he will sleep…….

It’s April Autism Awareness/Acceptance month and I had no energy left

I wanted to do something for Cahir and I thought instead of posting facts and slogans about Autism…

Meet our next Autism Star: and he is Messy and Beautiful

All kids write on walls at some point. A typical wall is blank, boring and just asking for an extra splash of color like a canvas and children are more than willing to help rectify that problem. 

Sometimes, they even help repeatedly before they tire of hearing flustered adults critiquing their masterpieces and using words like “mess”, “again?” and “Do you have any idea how much paint costs?” At some point though, it does end.  A fresh coat of paint is splashed on the wall and everyone goes about their business with a funny story, unless you live at my house.
My six year-old son has classic autism. It was very difficult getting him to write when he was younger, except on the wall. I cleaned and painted a lot. At first they were just scribbles, but then a trend became very clear.

My little guy loves logos. Not just any logos, he adores children’s television production logos. 

Every wall of our home has been stamped with logos from Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Noggin, PBS Kids…

Meet the first of our April Autism Superstars: on Mitch's Autie Walk

Hi my name is Mitchell Bourke and I am 12 years old, I have Autism, Schizotypal Disorders, Every 
form of Dyslexia, Separation Anxiety Disorder. It has not always been easy for me in fact I tried to 
commit suicide a few years ago, I'm so glad now that it didn’t happen.

I am the one who started Mitch’s Autie Walk, it started because a friend of the family told my mum 
that funding had fallen through so I came up with the idea to walk from one side of town to the other approx. 20 kms, to raise the money myself, my goal was $25,000. It started really fast and I had to tell my story to lots of people over and over again it was really hard to do this, we were getting some cheques off some important people and some of the businesses that I contacted were donating items for an online auction, it was awesome.

The night before I was excited, nervous and worried as I didn’t know if I could finish and would let people down. Mum said to me it didn’t matter whether I took one step or not as…

April Stars

On Monday I was at the launch of "" an exciting new website and organisation set up by a young man with Autism, Adam Harris.

As I am sets out to:

*Educate: through increasing and improving accessibility of information, to equip people with Autism and their families to understand the condition better.

*Empower: they believe that for too long those with Autism have been told what their needs are and what to do about them. They aim to be a user-led initiative.

*Advocate: by acting as a hub for the AS community in Ireland they want to draw on common areas of concern raised by users and develop public awareness and policy campaigns around these issues.

In other words:  less bucket shaking and more shaking up the system.*
and finally they are setting out to create a Community. They aim to provide a safe, pleasant space for the AS community to share experiences, concerns and ideas with others with similar experiences

To do this Adam has put together an impressive website whi…