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School of Rock

I have a confession to make;
I just cried at a Jack Black movie.

No, not at how bad "Gulliver's Travels" was (which it was) but at School of Rock when the kids play:

I love this movie, and watching it again on Film 4 I just realised why.

You see, when I was in High School in the 80's - I was kind of in a band.

It's okay, nobody let me sing. Or play anything really. But I wrote a song and my English/Music/Video Making Teacher Don Kerby liked it enough to make everyone in the class with any real talent play and record it.
He was in a band too.

Another Lisa -  Lisa Widgery, sang lead vocal. Robert Bell was on Lead Guitar. My friends Helen and Mandy played flute (one of the few flute solos of the 80's) and I may have got to hit a xylophone during the recording at Redwood Studios
I cannot be sure that my few donks of a xylophone made the final mix. But the video made by the Video Making Class of.. I wanna say 1994?  was on Glen Ridge's Channel Six Music Show.