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In the news..again

From The Irish Daily Mail - "You" magazine, October 29th 2011.
A few corrections: The kids were in state autism schools from 2002-2008 and I ran an after school ABA program with Saplings Tutors. In 2008 first Liam, then Grace were accepted into Saplings Rathfarnham where we started playing around with the iPhone as a communication device.
While O2 supported our development process and donated 6 iPhones, Steve was totally responsible for coding and listing the App on iTunes where it was approved on March 11th 2011.
And if you can collect 85 old mobiles you can trade them in for an iPod Touch Gen 4. (not an iPhone)
If you collect more you can even get an iPad - go here to get involved.h

what have I been up to?

I need a Dollar Dollar, a dollar euro is what I need...

This is our Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) Enda Kenny and yours truly. I had just asked him for a few billion euros....
Nah, not really. I had just been awarded the Elevate program by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland which will give me up to €35,000 of mentoring and structured business support and I thought I would grab a pic with our gracious leader.
The three main winners of the Impact awards are to share in €600,000 of grants and structured support and the Taoiseach made a point of how inspiring they are in their respective fields.
Congratulations from me to the lovely (really lovely) Sean Love of Fighting Words Creative Writing Centres. Niamh and Michelle from Women for Election  (kicking unequal representation's arse)  and  Micheal Kelly of Grow it Yourself whose speech made me want to go out and build a plastic tunnel in my backyard and start growing Bok Choi.

I also have to share with you the amazing work of Dara Hogan of…

Two Steves who changed my world

I was terribly sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs; before you ask - yes, I read about it on Twitter, on my iPad as I was having my first coffee of the day.
Yup, I'm an Apple Fangirl but unlike the many others who took a bite of Apple Artistry and found they wanted more, I came to iWorld by a different route.

You see I am the mother of 2 autistic children who have both had severely delayed communication and as a result, extreme behavioural challenges in their lives.
Both eventually learned to communicate their needs using "pecs" which stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. To put it simply; when someone is not talking they often develop other techniques for getting what they want. They might start by leading you to the fridge or cupboard to get them a drink or snack, but if they can't get your attention they can try grabbing, dragging, pulling hair or biting you or themselves. Your natural reaction to quickly get what they want reinforces the negati…

Vale Steve

Without Steve Jobs, Gracie might not be calling me Mummy. He truly changed our lives. Rest in Peace Steve, we will miss you. xx