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Guest Post Review from Daddy: Therapics Daily Planner

I have been called away to a family situation in Australia, leaving a pile of work including a few long overdue reviews. (sorry!)

I am also leaving Daddy behind to run a house with 2 autistic teenagers for 6 weeks. So I thought it was appropriate that he take on the task of reviewing the excellent Daily Planner from Therapics which was sitting in my "To Do" list with all the other preparation for July....

Posted by Bill Domican

There are two rules of thumb for July,August and any extended period of time where a parent or carer is near 100% responsible for filling the days for an autistic child or teenager.

1. Keep your own sanity.

2. Keep theirs.

If you focus on those two rules, you'll be fine. But HOW?

The answer in one quick word is..........Dah dah dah dah! ROUTINE! If you can establish a routine to fill the days so that unexpected events are limited, time is filled and energy expended you will get the reward of a cold glass of wine or beer in the evening, c…