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A word from Joy: To Medicate or not

This is one of the toughest decisions a parent has to make. Let me tell you why I was faced with this.

My name is Joy, I am the mother of two girls with ASD, aged 11 and 13. The older one copes well, all things considered, but the younger has a much tougher time.

She was very violent toward me from the age of two and there was just no way behavioural therapy was getting through to her. Her mind was so confused – this was the only way she had of expressing herself. I don’t promote medication, but let’s face it, a time comes when it’s the only option left. My daughter is no longer violent toward me and she has learnt great coping skills. BUT-the only way she was able to do that was to be put on haloperidol at the age of 3. A very dangerous sedative. She was sedated for a whole year in order for us to put new behaviours into place, which would have been impossible had she not been medicated. I was very worried at first about putting my 3 year old daughter on such a dangerous drug which has…

my story. by Hammie

To be honest, when I was asked to write a bit about my situation, that is; what it means to find out I had two kids with autism, I was flattered.
Then I did nothing about it for well, almost a year, finding other things to do. I did a lot of filing, direct debits to be cancelled etc, I even went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years, and then I realised I was putting it off.
Why? I don’t really want to revisit that awful time. It is true that the harder you work, the luckier you get. Well I work very bloody hard with my kids and things really do get better every day. So keep reading……
But to describe what it was like to find out that I had two children with severe autism;
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde; to have one child with ASD could be misfortune, to have two looks like carelessness!
The other thing is; I don’t know how the story ends…….

When people read books about a struggle with disability, they want to know that the person who wrote the book has affected something of a miracle cure…

Is ABA a therapy for Life?

ABA is not a therapy for Autism.
It is a behavioural science.
If a teacher with 30 pupils is using pairing and reinforcement to teach her class the national curriculum, then she is using ABA.
If a so-called aba tutor in an unrecognised so-called aba school is giving a young adult a task based on something that is; 1. not of any interest to them,
2. that does not take into account their previous skills level,
and 3. is not functionally valid, then that is not ABA.

It is not the classroom, or the age of the pupil or the tutor or even the curriculum that determines it, it is whether it is based on the foundations of behavioural science.

I was at the Red Door conference and I had an issue with the new buzzword of
"Person Centred Planning" that was coming up in some lectures.

Hang on while I put on my lycra body suit........

If the person that the planning is being centred around is assessed to determine their skills base, That is ABA. Power of "establish a base line"

If the plann…