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I won!

Women Mean Business made me their 2011 "Big Idea" Award Winner for Grace App Communication.
Women Mean Business is a magazine for business women in Ireland and the event held at the Shelbourne Hotel - very nice; was attended by some real movers and shakers in industry.

My super friend, the lovely "Mrs Doyle" collected the award at 2:30 pm and gave a lovely speech on my behalf - while I queued to get off our Aer Lingus flight at T2 Dublin.

But Mr Hammie rushed me to the Shelbourne where I caught the second half of Dragon's Den Hilary's keynote to the Women who Mean Business.

I had tea afterwards with Mrs Doyle (of course, Tea Tea Tea!) and a lovely catch up. Lovely goody bags too. Will post links etc later but for now, thank you all xx

Last day of our holidays...

We are going home tomorrow, after 3 weeks of rest and relaxation. Grace is delighted to see the suitcases, Liam is looking forward to seeing his favourite tutors at Saplings. Me? I could live here. For another month at least..

Zoom in for a look at a rasta guy with a rasta dreadlocked dog. Seriously.

Using the front facing camera without my reading glasses. Holiday hair. Nice. 

Ever so kooky cat lady and husband. The cats all came running from everywhere when she arrived. 

Very nice husband with beer in Rustica Italian Restaurant on Carabeo - which overlooks the Balcon. Nice nephew was babysitting back at Casa Roberta.

Bratty Balcon


I am sitting here, where are you?

If there is a better place to download an update & restore an iPad - I wanna know about it.

Liam Domican



A word is good or bad.

Capistrano - another reason to love Nerja

I'm posting this from the new Blogger App for iPhone so apologies for the layout.
It's nice to be able to live blog though- give you a feel of why it is possible for a family with 2 quite severely autistic children to enjoy a holiday in the sun abroad, with plenty of local culture.

The "urbanisation" where we rent a house (in Ireland you would call it an estate) is called Capistrano Village. There are lots of whitewashed stone terraced houses with gardens, access to a beautifully landscaped communal pool and a lovely pool bar. I prefer a communal pool as private pools are rarely fenced and i don't think i could sleep knowing one of the kids might wander in.
There is a little supermarket and a large part of the village is paved and pedestrianised- so I can let go of little hands and let Boo & Bratty run free.

We book privately through an owner's agency called Spainaway - choosing whatever house suits our timing. We try and go out of season and fly on q…

Via Nerja

Some iPhone images from The Balcon de Europa during the "passagio"-
I don't know the Spanish word but in Italy passagio is the time in the evening when everyone walks around and has the craic in a central place like the Balcon. I love it.

I can sit with a glass of Rosato and a dish of olivos while Boo uses his little netbook N130 to surf the internets (free wifi) to his hearts content. He is so happy and secure; I can even walk around a bit to take photos.

You get oldies, families, tourists, locals, A LOT of kids dancing around and trying to pet the cats. Yes. Cats.

I think the cats own the Balcon. Vale. xx

When I asked these ladies if I could take their picture they agreed- but wanted to see the results. After I published and went back to show them they said: "Vale vale!" pronounced "var-lee" - it means "okay!" I love it. Xx