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Guest post: 5 minute make-up for Special Mums; Because you ARE worth it!

Long time readers of this blog know that I have always put an emphasis on looking after yourself. I don't agree with what I call "victim chic" - the belief that being a good special needs parent means looking like a wreck because you are too busy helping everyone else in your life. There is nothing wrong with taking time to look good on the outside,  so that every time you pass by your own reflection you smile at what you see. 

Smiling releases endorphins and makes it easier to get through whatever challenges the day throws up. (including being thrown up on)
If you only ever put on make-up when you go "out" then getting "dolled up" as we call it may take a long time. But a 5 minute makeup can be done and who better to show us than my amazing cousin Liane Scior, editor of the beauty blog "Sesora Online
As the owner and creator of her own mineral make-up brand "Eles" Liane buys and tries every other brand out there, sharing her experie…

This is Autism

I want to take part in the #thisisautism flash blog today in support of having positive conversations about Autism.

I was lucky enough to be asked by Kanchi (an organisation that promotes employment based on ability which is inclusive of people with many disabilities) to contribute to a video they are making for a project called the "Kanchi 500"

This is a national training and awareness campaign where they will train 500 people in their "Lets Start the Conversation" module.
(about disability awareness and employment inclusion"

The campaign is about educating the "normals" as I call them affectionately, in how to be more comfortable around different disabilities in order to promote inclusion or retention in the workforce.

I was asked to represent communication disabilities after my TEDx Talk.

They sent me a list of questions to prepare for, so I will use these for my "This is Autism" post. Of course my specialist topic in relation to communica…

Proof of Life - yet another iPad cover review but also an update on our lives. It's all good!

A year has passed since I wrote this blog (about that autism Taboo) and I am so happy to report that things in our home have improved so much that I am smiling right here thinking about it.

Yes we still have two Teenagers who are as Autistic as the day is long, but they have both been making such wonderful progress. They both started back at school in September and are doing marvellously.
Gracie's speech and communication has really come on with her new teacher and Liam's language is developing too. His new catchphrase is: "I Don't know" - he considers all the information you have given him and rather than ignoring the question or echoing what you just said, he says: "I don't know"
it is so sophisticated and I love it!

Technology is still a huge part of our lives and while no one is trying to bite their iPhone in half anymore we still need to invest in quality protection, rather than paying for repairs.
And good quality covers are like seat belts a…