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Mummy Time

The folders and Laptop say: "Social Entrepreneur" 
The Havaianas say: Bludge Time!
In case you didn't know, I was recently selected by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland to be one of their 8 finalists in the Social Impact Program.

By the end of October 2011, three of the Social Impact Finalists and their projects will be selected to share in €650,000 over 3 years in investments, grants and professional support.

Pretty serious stuff. A chance to take Grace App to the next level in my plans for world domination and making sure you all understand that EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT THEY WANT... Muhahahahahhahah!

But it aint about the chaching chaching - it is actually a process of mentoring that takes you through your current business model - in my case "Making it up as I go along" to something that investors will be interested in, in order to expand your social impact.
Even if you are not one of the Chosen Three - by the end of the process you are fitter, more profe…