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My Autistic Christmas Miracle

In the past, this blog has featured a few stories on how not to do christmas when you have an Autistic Family. After 2007 and 2009 we eventually we learned to go our own way. We buy nice food, a lot of wine and plan our day around our kids. Presents that they have specifically requested arrive in a neutral space. In Liam's case they are snatched out of the stockings and brought upstairs to be watched. For Grace, it can take up to a week for the "new" to be absorbed into her existing collection, a bit like when you have to leave a goldfish in his bag inside a new tank until the temperature evens out. By the time of writing, one Sesame Street Story Book has made it upstairs into her bedroom. The remaining 4 are still in the kitchen, acclimatising. Only one has the celophane unwrapped.

Everything about our day, like our lives is arranged around what makes our kids happy and comfortable. No forced traditions, no expectations, no disappointments.

The only problem is you can …

TBH - coming clean about that autism *taboo*

I've been meaning to write about my son’s current phase of behaviour for quite a while. But I guess I was waiting until the storm had passed, that we had found a way to resolve it, and I could write an uplifting post full of practical advice and solutions.

But something else has prompted me to come clean and talk about what we are going through. I had a conversation with someone yesterday where I was asked what I thought of an event on the weekend, and in a moment of weakness I answered:

"To Be Honest, for us it was as much about the night off in a hotel, our son has been very difficult lately and we needed the respite.

and this person reprimanded me firmly saying "Oh I would never typify my son in that language"

I was shocked, and replied "I'm not being negative about my son, but he can be so challenging at times and it is exhausting.

She went on to say something about knowing its hard, but it is hard for all of us and not to think of myself as a victim. (I…