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Talking for Ted

I have had a little secret for about a month now and to be honest, once the embargo on talking about it was lifted I was still very hesitant to share it.

On the 14th of September, I will be appearing at TEDx Dublin and I am absolutely TERRIFIED.

For those of you who don't know; TEDx is a world wide movement in the spirit of TED:-

 "an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future"  - (from the TEDx website)

or as I like to think of it: TEDx is "Little Ted" - A local self organized event that brings people together to share a "Big TED" like experience.

This year's TEDx Dublin is in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre and includes some AWESOME speakers like Seán Love from "Fighting Words," Constantin Gurdgiev, the well know economistand Robin Ince from th…