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spinning the wheel... for Mr Thorne Does Phonics iPad App

and the winner of the Mr Thorne Does Phonics iPad App review code is Cynthia. The icons were allocated in the comments on the previous post. Video uploaded live to Facebook. I did not have the attention span to install a randomizer widget - so I hope this unscientific method suffices!

Everyone else - buy the app! its brill.


Holiday Giveaway - Mr Thorne Does Phonics iPad App

Many people are surprised to find that both my kids can read. Yes, they are autistic as the day is long but Liam has been reading, AND comprehending what he reads since he was 3.

One of Liam's favourite games when he was little was reciting the alphabet; As a Hanen exercise he would give me eye contact in return for me saying each letter. He also loved to request that I draw an animal for each letter and as a result I think I know every animal in the world that starts or includes the letter X!
When he began using picture exchange I had to make a card to represent the word "Zoo" as we were going there on a "lets stimulate some language" trip. As you can see my drawing of a lion in a cage was so bad that I knew he couldn't tell what it was - but the first time I showed it to him, he very clearly said "ZOO" - and I knew he could read.

I can also tell that Gracie knows the order of letters in the word "Elmo" and how to type them into a searc…

Testing Times: Nespresso vs Teenage Boy, Day One

Day one and the first thing I heard was Liam asking for the vacuum cleaner - never a good start to the day as it means there is a huge mess in the kitchen.
However, knowing I could have a quick coffee before I had to tackle the mess I actually bounced down the stairs ready to face anything.

Including this ↑

 Ironically caused by this ↑ The little coffee pod I left out last night ready for my first cup. Alanis Morrisett couldn't write this.

Thankfully the lovely Sandra at Nespresso's PR packed a selection of extra pods for the mother of the Teenage Boy (In the background preparing his next mess)

But fortified by this - I was able to clean up calmly without any fuss. Important when you are facing into a long day of 2 autistic kids vs one parent.

The machine is a Krupps Pixie with 19 bars of pressure. The coffees are going to be a choice of these:

Gotta love a drink that comes with a colour chart like a box of choccies!

Today I had an Arpeggio - intense and creamy but a bit cold becaus…

Invasion of the pod people

It is Easter School Holidays and the Kids are off school....

The tally so far is brand new sliding shower door: Nil
Liam: 1. 
So he has lost Wednesday Treat Day.

He is out for a walk trying to get a star for Friday Treat Day

As you can imagine - I am a bit strung out at this time of year. And I need my coffee more than ever. 
Mr Hammie and I are daily espresso drinkers and the average affordable consumer coffee machine is made for people who only use them on the weekend. (and drink that satanic poison INSTANT coffee during the week, Gah!) Our coffee machines therefore get about a year's use in 3 months - and tend to die at 13 months - just outside warranty!
Our latest - the much loved Gaggia Dopio retired exhausted late last year.
So today I am taking it to live on a coffee farm where it can chase espresso cups and steam away to its hearts delight. (Sshhh - that's what I am telling it. I am really taking it to Bray Recycling Centre)

At the moment we have a temporary replacement that …

Talking to Red Symons of ABC Melbourne Radio 774 in March

Red Symons was the lead guitarist in Skyhooks - a very cool aussie band in the 70's. He then went on to be the "Simon Cowell" of a talent show on Australian Television.

It was lovely to meet him in person and explain where and how the Grace App came about.

I am just awful at film editing, but I hope you can enjoy these home movies mashed together on iMovie which was the easiest way to put up the MP3 to share.

I seem to have a thing for Radio Presenters who used to be in bands....