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Down Under Again

Got back from Aus last week. Forgive delay in posting as I managed to smuggle a cold back into the country - in my own head.
So a little photo diary of the trip:

First stop as always was Singapore. We flew Singapore Airlines and I simply cannot overstate how important it is to fly with a good airline when you have special needs kids. We get our priority seating choice, we get priority boarding. We get treated like Royalty when we do board and Liam gets to settle comfortably for the hour or so it takes everyone else to board and secure their hand luggage. We get our child meals and we get the worlds most fantastic economy service. Yes, I wish that they would fly direct out of Dublin - but they don't so we go via London Heathrow or Amsterdam..

This time I booked night flights and that was also wonderful as I got a good nights sleep prior to leaving and a full day to fuss around with suitcases and prepare. Also good to arrive in Singapore in the evening and get a good nights sleep in …