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Good News and Goodish News

Remember how I said the Tabloids wouldn't cover "Life With Autism"  because they couldn't find a negative angle?
Seems The Irish Daily Star did.....

Don't worry, I am using that "Selfish" headline on Mr Hammie every time he fails to bring me tea or a glass of wine..

I was also kind of perplexed to see a thread on a Special Needs Discussion board saying how sad it made them feel??

I was heartened to hear from the producer who said that the show had got HUGE viewing figures and she was delighted. I had hoped that this would mean the media could start telling positive stories about disability and special needs without losing ratings.

As the show is no longer on Real Player you can't watch it but hopefully someone might get it uploaded to vimeo so you can watch it yourself and judge.

In any case I had some really good news to share. I made it on to a Beauty Blog!

I was in the chemist on Monday night getting Gracie's prescription filled (at the last …

God Love Ireland!

In case you hadn't heard, The Domican Family (aka; Boo, Bratty and Mr Hammie et al) appeared in a television documentary last week called "Life With: Autism"

It was part 3 of a series of programs which demonstrate that life with a serious condition can be just as joyful and rewarding as any other, sometimes more so. We took a risk taking part but have to say that while the experience of filming and being interviewed was quite stressful, the final result was wonderful.

Gracie in her little nest
If you are in Ireland you can watch it on the above link. If you are outside of Ireland you have to wait until we can get it uploaded on to something else. When you do watch it you will get to meet not only my children but my other half, who finally gets to tell his side of the story. It was so positive in fact that the press department of the TV company had trouble getting any additional media coverage for it. Seems it is easy to latch on to a hard luck story like: "My Autism H…