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Taking Care

One of my friends recently posted this on Facebook:

"Are you too busy to take care of yourself?
That's kinda like saying you're too busy driving to stop for gas. Makes no sense."

Before I had children I used to think I was busy. I worked long days, went to the gym, got my hair coloured and coiffed, eyebrows shaped, legs waxed and had regular facials. I also shopped, cooked, cleaned and did laundry. On the weekends I worked most Saturdays, then went to the beach, went bushwalking or cycling with my partner and in the evenings ate out at fashionable pubs.
Like I say, I thought I was busy. 
Fast forward 20 years, add 2 teenage children with autism and a full time job being a part time special needs entrepreneur in a difficult economic climate, then you know busy.
Having two people who need to be supported through every aspect of self care and personal grooming means there are days when you barely have time to shower. 
And yet, to some people's chagrin I don't beli…

Grace Apps for Autism: How an app can change lives

Apps can be fun. Apps can be useful. But Apps can also be incredibly important and irreplaceable in people's lives. This is a short story of how an iPhone and a young iOS developer completely changed the life of Lisa and her autistic daughter Grace.
Lisa Domican has two children, Liam & Grace. Both have autism and as a result did not develop speech. To allow autistic children with this limitation to communicate with their parents, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) are used. The term that might as well also describe an IT protocol is used to describe a rather hardware-driven solution: It is a selection of printed laminated pictures.

"The system teaches them to hand you a picture of a drink, which you quickly reward by giving them this drink," explains Lisa. "Little by little you teach them a vocabulary of different pictures for different things, all of which have huge value to the child. At the same time you are pointing to the picture and saying th…

Best Case Scenario -Gripcase for iPad 2/New iPad

In the 5 years since I began developing Grace App I have paid for and trialled countless cases; Gripcase is the first one I have seen designed SPECIFICALLY for kids.  And kids are rough, whether they have extra needs or not!It is also the first case I have ever tried that got an immediate reaction on Facebook. Seriously, I put up one photograph when I unwrapped it:
And I get 15 comments asking where to get one.
You can get it online at CompuB Store with delivery around Ireland.
The Gripcase is exactly what it looks like;  a durable "shock absorbent case that protects iPad during impact" The easy grip design means there is a lot less likelihood of dropping and incurring an impact. As the mother of two autistic kids I checked on the chewability - the case is made of non-toxic materials that do not break up when picked at or bitten  (I actually tested this myself: chewy with no weird aftertaste)
My Facebook Friend Eileen told me this:
"In our house we have two…