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Autism Speaks? Ok. Now listen.

Autism Speaks is a US based organisation that presumes to speak for people with Autism and their families. I say presumes, because lately a lot of us have been wondering whether we want to be spoken for by them.
Now I live in Ireland, and I should state for the record that I have met some very nice people who work for or with Autism Speaks here and in Europe. They support conferences and research projects which I am, or might in the future consider being involved with. But I would not want to represent or be represented by the organisation in their current form.

Why? because of their "Call to Action" published in November 2013. Go HERE to read it.

While I identify as being in the Autistic Spectrum, I have managed to grow up and integrate in mainstream society while passing as a neuro-typical. So I will not respond to this as a self advocate. Read this article; for that perspective.

I am however Out and Proud as a Parent of two autistic teenagers - and that's where I too…