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Meet Ana

So April is over but Autism is still here and I'm delighted to introduce you to another guest blogger: Ana Nguyen

Ana emailed me about a week ago to ask if I would feature posts by Adults on the spectrum. "You bet!" I replied.

Ana rang me today (from Australia) as she is very keen to see me post and I had to explain that I've been too tired to write.  I've just been through a week of anxiety with Gracie that involved a lot of obsessive compulsive behaviour and not a lot of sleep (for either of us.)

We have been trying to reduce her meds for the last 6 weeks in consultation with her Psychiatrist, as they have health implications that are amplified by puberty. I guess we brought them down too much, too quickly.

When you are in the middle of something like that as uncomfortable as it is for you; the most distressing part is how much your child is suffering.
Having people like Ana who have experienced these things, and have the ability to explain it is such a privilege. …