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My beautiful new Grace App Update

Grace App 3:0 is here and it is beautiful! We now have the ability to edit or add text on all images, an iPad view zoom of the sentence strip AND if you need it, Tap Card to Speak....

Back to School - Giveaway!!!

Apologies for my long absence. I've been taking an extended sabbatical to be a Mom for the Summer. Slowing down to concentrate on my kids has been very relaxing.

So well over a month ago I saw a post on Facebook about "Back To School" kits on the excellent TherapicsFacebook page. Therapics offers a range of visual aids andevidence based therapymaterials designed to help children on the autism spectrum learn and develop through fun games and activities. These educational materials are great for kids withAutism,PDD-Nos,Aspergersas well as speech delay or other developmental delays.

Now, as a kid, I actively hated anything with a "Back To School" theme. Bookshops, departmentstores, uniform suppliers and shoe shops all seemed to conspire to distract from the joy of running around barefoot doing exactly what I wanted all summer.
I know now that it is a different story for parents, ALL parents. That many of you count the days until there is structure and yes, a bi…