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Keeping on top of Laundry- how I do it

Some of you may be wondering whats "Laundry" or doing the washing has got to do with Autism?
Well, quite a lot actually. We would be amongst the busiest parents around so efficiency is super important if you want to have time for all your kid activities.

Those of us in the spectrum ourselves recognise a need for order and control. Personally I feel very anxious when the washing pile gets too big.

And, as a proud Mammy, I want my family to have clean and nice smelling clothes.

Well, I was on Twitter today when a media friend who works from home while raising her very small children tweeted a picture of her clean washing pile with the caption "Thinking of joining a nudist colony" -:

I was at home with Liam and looking for a diversion so I offered to tweet her my system of staying organised and she replied "YES PLEASE!"

So for working Mums, new Mums and anyone who has to manage a home and family while still trying to have a life, here is my system for s…